General Questions

While we understand the need for quick turnaround, we currently do not offer these services. If you are needing copies in a hurry, we strongly recommend that you drop off your materials or email us digital files in advance. We will complete your order as quickly as possible, and will do our best to accommodate tight deadlines.
We’d be happy to give you a tour and show you what we’re capable of! Our facility may look small from outside, but just one look at our factory and you’ll be surprised at just how many printers we can fit in here! If you’d like to take a tour, please contact us.
At World Digital Imaging, we have several categories of discounts available to customers:

Large Volume Discounts: For larger volume jobs (1000+), there may be discounts available depending upon the exact specifications of your job. Please contact us for a quote on these large volume jobs.

Educational Institutions: Schools and other educational organizations such as booster groups, sports teams, and teacher groups qualify for our educational discounts. Please contact us for more details.

Non-Profit Organizations: We also offer special discounts for non-profit organizations on many of our products. Please contact us for more details.


The best way to get a custom quote is to email us the details of your job, including files if possible. We’ll need as much information as possible, including:

-Finished Quantity

-Color or Black & White?

-Single or Double-Sided?

-Bleed or No Bleed?

-Finished Size

-Paper Type & Color

-Finishing Options (Stapling, Folding, Hole Punch, Coiling, Bookleting)

-Any additional instructions

You are also welcome to call or visit us to discuss custom quotes, however we may still ask that you provide files via email or flash drive. Quotes are valid for 30 days.
For most jobs, payment is due upon completion of your job. Large orders and orders from our special events line (@Hello) may be subject to a down-payment at the time the order is placed.

Local customers who are picking up their job in our store may pay upon pickup, or can call ahead with a credit card if you’re sending someone else to pick up a job for you. Jobs that are to be shipped must be paid for by phone with a credit card before the order is shipped. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.


We can take orders several different ways:

– On our Website: The easiest way to place an order is via our orders page. Here you can upload your digital files, set your specifications, and hit send!

– By Email: You can also send us an email with your order. Just send us an email to sales@worlddigitalimaging.com with your files and specifications.

– By Phone: If you’ve ordered from us and just need to reorder. All you need to do is give us a call! If you haven’t ordered before, feel free to call us about any questions before you stop by or email us.

– In Person: If you have specific concerns about part of your job, or just prefer talking to someone in person, we accept walk-in orders at our Beavercreek location.

Our preferred file format is PDF, as this format provides the best quality and will not change your formatting from one computer to another. We also accept most standard image formats, Adobe files (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), and Microsoft Office files (Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, & Excel).

We prefer PDFs because many Microsoft files and even some Adobe files may cause layout shifts or font substitutions if we do not have the same program version or fonts that were used in the original document. While we can accept these other formats, please be aware that we can run into these issues and may still need to have the file converted to PDF. If you have any questions about how to convert your files into a PDF format, please contact us.

For most of our basic products, there is no minimum order amount. We welcome orders of all sizes. Some specialty products may have minimum quantities.
If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, you are welcome to pick your job up from our Beavercreek location at your convenience. We also offer delivery service to schools and to businesses with which we have an established relationship. If you live outside the Dayton area, we can ship your product to you via UPS (shipping charges may apply).


We use several different types of printers, depending upon the specifications of the job:

– Digital Printers: For most basic print jobs, we print using our digital printers. These provide economic black-and-white and full-color prints at any quantity from 1 to 1000.

– Offset Printers: For some jobs, such as large quantity color prints or those requiring precise color matching with Pantones, we may use an offset printer to complete the job. These jobs may require specific quantity orders, and are typically most economical for large volume jobs.

– Large Format Printers: For posters, banners, and other large media, we have specialized printers to accommodate paper that is too wide or too long for standard printers.

The time it takes to complete a job depends upon the exact specifications, but many basic print and copy jobs take just 24 hours to print. Jobs that require bindery, graphic design, or other finishing options may require additional time to complete, but we will always work to finish your print job in a timely manner. If you are on a specific deadline, please let us know so that we can work to accommodate your needs.
We operate on a different business model than most printers: our printers are all recycled! Every machine in our production facility has been purchased off-lease for much less than the cost of a brand new printer, but they still provide the same high-quality prints as their brand-new counterparts. Because we acquire these machines for much less than a brand new printer, we are able to pass these savings along to you in the form of lower costs per copy.
We offer a wide variety of services in addition to our printing capabilities:

Graphic Design: Do you need a great logo for your new business? Do you have an upcoming event that you need a flyer for? Our designers are here to help with any of your design needs!

Mailing Services: We are a full-service mailing facility with the ability to process mailing lists, assemble your job according to postal regulations, and we even deliver to the Post Office.

Finishing Services: We have a wide variety of finishing services including assembly, bindery, cutting, drilling, inserting, scoring, shrink-wrapping, and more. Have a specific finishing need? Just ask and we’ll see how we can accommodate you.

Graphic Design

All of our designers are professionally trained and have experience in a wide variety of disciplines including photography, web-design, and even videography. Check out our Staff page to meet our designers and learn a little more about them!
Just like with our print costs, we work hard to keep our design costs affordable. We currently charge $80 per hour, with a ½ hour minimum ($40). But don’t let that cost scare you! If you’re unsure of how much time your project will take, please contact us for a quote. We also offer a discounted rate on design services for customers who qualify for our Non-Profit and Educational discounts.
When we quote you for a design job, we account for the entire scope of the job based on the information we have been given. This includes our designers’ time creating your artwork and a few rounds of revisions. Printing costs are not included.

While we try our best to account for several rounds of revisions to your project, extensive revisions or those that change the nature of the original project may incur extra design charges or require a new quote.
The first thing we like to do is get to know you and let you get to know us. If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area we encourage you to come in and meet with our designers in person, but we can also consult with you via phone or email. During this process we’ll discuss what your project(s) are and what you’re needing to accomplish your goals. You’re strongly encouraged to share any photos, ideas, inspiration, etc. that you may have collected.

After your consultation, we’ll come up with your detailed estimate based on the specifications and information we gathered during your consultation. This quote will often encompass not only your design costs, but also any printing, finishing, or mailing costs. Once you’ve approved the quote and provided any necessary artwork/files/etc. we can begin on your design(s).

The time it takes for the design process depends upon the exact scope of the project, as well as the time it takes to receive files or revisions. Once your initial designs are completed we will send a digital proof via email, which you are encouraged to proofread and provide feedback on the design. There will often be multiple proofs as you and your designer work to finalize the design. Once you are happy with the design, we can begin production with your approval.
While we will make every effort to correct errors as we see them (with no guarantees), ultimately it is the client’s responsibility to carefully review any and all proofs received for errors. This includes, but is not limited to: spelling, layout, website URLs, phone numbers, addresses, directions, etc. Once you have given final approval on a design, any errors may be corrected at your expense.


There is not a minimum for mailing services, however there may be minimums depending upon how you would like to mail. For bulk mailings, there must be a minimum of 200 mailpieces.
We typically mail using lists provided by our customers, however we can acquire mailing lists based on your specifications (fees may apply). You can also mail to a specified mailing route or ZIP code using Saturation mailing.

When developing your mailing list, we recommend setting up your file in Microsoft Excel with the following columns: Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code. If you have additional information such as Business Names, Titles, or Attention To, please include each of these items as separate columns as well.
Presort Standard Mail refers to mailing of at least 200 addressed pieces of mail sorted by Zip code in ascending order and prepared according to postal regulations. This mailing qualifies for a discounted postage rate with the Post Office, which can add up to significant savings. There are also non-profit rates for those organizations who qualify through the Post Office, which have additional discounts.
Saturation mailing is another method of sending bulk mail that does not require an address list. This method works especially well for businesses, as you can target every household in a specific area. With saturation mailing, your piece will be delivered to each resident along specified mailing routes. You can choose to mail only to residential postal customers, or both residential and business customers. Saturation mailing qualifies for additional discount rates below Presort Standard with the Post Office.
In order to receive the automation discounts for bulk mailings, your address list must be CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified. This standardizes the addresses in your list to ensure correct spelling, abbreviations, and proper format based on Postal Regulations. Our software also assigns a ZIP+4 code from the USPS database. Only those addresses which can be CASS certified can be mailed at automation rates.
If you are mailing to specific recipients, your mailing list must also undergo NCOA (National Change of Address) processing. This process checks your CASS certified mailing list against the Post Office’s National Change of Address database. This ensures that if anyone on your list has filed change of address paperwork, your mailpiece is forwarded to the correct address.
With automated mailings, the Post Office regulations state that the mailpiece will typically be delivered within 14 days from receipt at the Post Office. However, we have found that with many of our mailings in the Dayton Area, pieces are often delivered within 1-3 days. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for mailings.